About us

Health and wellbeing are for most people their number one priority. A decade ago, individuals relied on visiting their doctor to keep on top of basic health issues such as blood pressure, heart rate and blood sugar. Today technology allows that monitoring to be undertaken at home. But until now someone wishing to monitor their health across the range of vital signs needed at least two if not many more devices. QLU Pod answered the question, ‘Why can’t we have one device that does all we need?’ So today we can. Research into creating QLUPOD began more than five years ago and is based on state-of-the-art technology drawn from proven single function device applications but today combined to a single device. The device provides instant information for the user that can also be shared with others such as a carer or relative through an App on either Android phones or IOS (to be launched in early 2021). Also launching with be a fully integrated tele-med platform allowing the user access to medial advice and a doctor through a subscription service in some markets. 


After extensive bench and field testing the device obtained the CE Medical Device certification in 2021. CE marking indicated that as medical device manufacturer’s QLU Pod meets the General Safety and Performance Requirements (GSPR) of all relevant European Medical Device Regulations and is a legal requirement to place a device on the market in the European Union. 


Research is continuing with the aim of introducing additional features such as an electronic stethoscope which will allow a wearers heart sound and heartbeat to be monitor by a medical professional connected through the QLU POD app. The device currently measures blood glucose levels through a simple testing strip inserted into the machine. A range of other blood test solutions are underdevelopment allowing users to monitor cholesterol, lactates, and uric acid for example.


QLU Health Limited which is the product developer of QLUPOD is a UK based healthcare company whose business model is based on identifying and developing innovative products in the consumer health sector to the point of sale with each leading to a spin-off IPO stock market listing.  In 2021 it completed the spin-off of its direct-to-consumer DNA testing business to a Luxembourg company which will itself IPO in early 2022. The QLU POD device is the latest product spin off and will with its sister company QLU POD Limited also IPO in early 2022 through a reversal into an existing listed company on a European exchange.