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Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) and Tele-health will transform healthcare delivery around the world; however, in these early days there are few ready to go solutions.

Governments and healthcare providers around the world have set out a digital agenda to harness technological breakthroughs and drive transformation in the medical and social care sectors.

New technologies can help to offer more dignified and independent care to people, in their own homes, keeping them out of hospital if they don’t need to be there.

With an increasingly ageing population – where nearly 1 in 7 people is projected to be aged over 75 by 2040 – technology can do so much to help people to live independent lives and minimise the time they spend in clinical settings.

Through the smarter use of data and the adoption of emerging technologies we can move services from generalised to personalised and give everyone access to the information and the tools that they need to manage their health.

This is the future of health and care, and we must drive this forward at pace. QluPod has developed a unique offering that meets the demands of Remote Patient Monitoring and Tele-health software requirements.

Our home use device is able to monitor 6 vital measurements in a single device; we believe this is a game changer and is uniquely positioned to capture market share. Our proprietary software enables clients to capture these measurements on their Android or IOS device, and at the same time share in real time with their care giver or health professional

Our objectives

To establish our integrated device and software solution as a market leader in the new and growing RPM sector.

Two market segments…two business opportunities, joined by common technology and software.

  1. The immediate market – meeting existing consumer demand for a direct to consumer retail six in one health monitoring device.
  2. The greater market – creating an integrate telehealth solution for health care providers combining six in one health monitoring device and a fully integrated telehealth software package.

Our strategy

To focus on developing an EU business and use revenues and experience in meeting the direct to consumer retail market to finance and underpin our medium term development of the greater telehealth market.

The EU market is the right place to build this business.

Market size and demographics align; and our solutions meet existing un-tapped demand.

The EU is a market of 450 million people.

The population is aging; +45 age group is growing fastest.

On average, 36% of the EU’s population have longstanding health problems.

In Germany, the EU’s  largest country, 43% of the population identify as having  chronic health problems

The EU (and Germany in particular) represents an excellent target market for tele-health and remote patient monitoring:

  • Articulate and well-educated population
  • Open to change and tech savvy
  • Self aware and health conscious
  • More people living longer, seeking innovative and convenient solutions

Executive Leadership

We have an experienced executive team

Marc Simon Schelbert


Marc Simon Schelbert is a seasoned Swiss businessman and director, with more than 17 years business experience, gained in several senior roles.

He presently works in an executive role as Head of Sales in a Brokerage, leading a team of brokers and advising private clients. His previous experience includes roles in Communications, HR and Finance for a number of Swiss private companies.

Mr Schelbert is an expert in advising on complex commercial contracts and back-office operations. He has an extensive network of High-Net-Worth private individuals, and senior businessmen in the Swiss business community.

Stephen Dando


QluPod has been established by Stephen Dando, a UK qualified accountant who brings 40+ years professional experience; gained in Europe, the US, and the Middle East. He has advised senior executives and directors in both financial management, strategy, and business start-ups.

He was recently the CEO of a DNA testing company that successfully raised startup finance and is presently subject of a takeover bid by a European listed company. He is advising a US discovery-stage biotechnology company currently developing novel diagnostic and therapeutic technology for breast and prostate cancers on their setup, fund raising and market entry strategy into the MENA region.

He has worked with the QluPod engineering and software development teams for the last three years, scoping and refining the product offering, prior to bringing to market.

Adam Piekarski

EU Rollout

Heading our EU rollout is Adam Piekarski, a seasoned business leader and entrepreneur. He has a background in ergonomics and has established and led several HR and recruitment companies in the UK and Central Europe.

Most recently he was a member of the board of an EV start-up that successfully raised seed finance and was listed on a European exchange. He is the main shareholder and CEO of UK start-up Medecars; the company reconciles best in class vehicle and medical device manufactures, to design and build, and sell vehicles to first responders, medical assistance, home nursing and social care providers.

Medecars’ primary offering are vehicles integrated with specialist equipment to triage and treat airway, brain and cardiac [A-B-C] emergencies.

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