Multi-parameter Device

Advantages of the Device

Traditional Vital measurements reducing scope for errors:

  • Ambulatory Cuff to measure Blood Pressure
  • Pulse-Oxymeter based on standard reflections method
  • Thermal sensor to measure skin temperature
  • Single Lead ECG
  • Blood Glucose measured by traditional strip

Compact, easy to carry

Blue-tooth connectivity to display vitals on a smartphone

Back-end Application caters for multiple level of care by alerting the right team

In development, Additional Devices Multi vital samples collection

  • Set of muiltiple strips will manage the measurement of vitals easily
  • This enable patients to manage fewer gadgets; providing an optimum number of vitals measurement for faster, more accurate triage

Stethoscope; to be available for home connection to a future device

  • Enablement of Video conferencing will help Physicians to listen to live patient’s sound by guiding help to place the stethoscope at various points
  • During the examination, the physician can remotely advise patient’s carers on the urgent line of treatment, utilising the golden hour for better patient management, while ER help is on the way