Tele-Health Software Platform

Tele-Health High level software capabilities

  • Ability to collect and analyze patient data and provide intelligent feedback and preventive  actions such as self-care suggestions, physician alerts or referrals, pharmacy alerts based on  patient medical history
  • Support telehealth features such as patient charts that can automate reviews from Clinicians, follow-up treatment plans, emergency responses to improve patient outcomes
  • Intuitive user experience that would make the patient and Clinician encounter easy, informative and proactive
  • Function as an Intelligent assistant to monitor Patient health through their daily activities and to offer personalized support fully linked with Healthcare Providers

  • Provide life-saving alerts based on Patient data to support active and early intervention from  Clinicians, reduce re-admissions and closely monitor patients in various conditions such as  lifestyle diseases, post-surgery, chronic conditions, geriatric cases, Covid-19 etc.

RPM Device Software

General Features


  • Mobile video conferencing
  • Instant messaging
  • Instant Phone calls
  • Clinic / Physician portal
  • Patient mobile app
  • Data collection and analytics (graphs, trends, timeline)
  • Appointment management: booking, reminders, cancellations etc

Portal and App Features

Security Features


  • Device ID Registration
  • Profile creation
  • Default profile setup from  Device (mobile, email, name,  location, address etc. similar to  most apps)
  • Login credentials with OTP  verification / email
  • Data Sources & Access  permissions (GDPR)
  • Emergency Contact

Clinical Features


  • HCF details (Name, Contact Details for  emailing reports, triggering alerts)
  • Physician details (HCF, Name,  Designation, Contact details for emails,  alerts, calls..)
  • Data / Report enablement for HCFs and for
  • Physicians
  • Alert Trigger settings (email, sms, other)
  • System Integration with HCF for Px records  based on GDPR and Doctor/ Px  permissions

Admin Features


  • Device ID Registration
  • User Profile creation
  • Feature enablement for Users
  • Corporate and Individual User profiles (admin)
  • Invitation Login credentials with  OTP verification / email
  • Data Sources & Access  permissions

Interface Features


  • Full GDPR enablement
  • FHIR / HL7 for data integrations
  • API for data transfer
  • Standard data interchange features
  • Alerts : Email / SMS
  • Audio/Video integrations (tbc)